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Our Background About

Ray Barnett

Friends in the West was founded by Ray Barnett in the 1960’s to support Christians who had been imprisoned for their faith in the former Soviet Union. As well as direct contact with the underground church, prayer bracelets were distributed around the world bearing the names of imprisoned pastors such as Georgi Vins, a Russian Baptist pastor imprisoned for eight years by the Soviet authorities for his involvement in a network of independent Baptist churches.

The work spread to Africa in the 1980’s in the aftermath of the Idi Amin regime which left thousands of children orphaned. In 1984, Ray brought the very first children’s choir from Uganda to Canada, the US and the UK, to highlight their struggle for survival. This was the birth of the African Children’s Choir which is still going strong more than thirty years later and has helped provide an education to more than 52,000 vulnerable African children and a pathway out of poverty for thousands more.

Today’s focus is still on Africa as well as locations around the world where people are suffering because of their faith. We want to use media to highlight what’s happening in these often unreported incidents of persecution and violence, encouraging Christians to pray and support in any way they can. Many Christians have been displaced and have lost homes, belongings, livelihoods, and in some cases family members. We encourage Christians in Western nations to pray for and practically support their brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering and whose lives need to be rebuilt.

Our Approach and Content What we do

  • Outreach to Refugees

    Outreach to Refugees

    Friends In The West is supporting partners who are working in the Adjumani and Bidi Bidi refugee camps in Northern Uganda. Both camps are home to a steady stream of refugees fleeing violence in South Sudan. The Bidi Bid camp is now the largest in the world as the number of people seeking refuge in Uganda has now topped the one million mark.
  • Bringing Education

    Bringing Education

    Every member of the African Children’s Choir has the privilege of having a good education. Qualified teachers tour with the children to ensure that education isn’t neglected and many of our former choir members have gone on to University and are now working as professionals in their home countries in Africa. Music For Life schools also educate children who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to school. Over the years, more than 52,000 children have received a good education.
  • Developing talent

    Developing talent

    Ray Barnett first saw the potential for the African Children’s Choir in 1984. At that time tens of thousands of children had been orphaned in the aftermath of the Idi Amin regime. Instead of trying to provide handouts which would only have brought a very temporary solution, he had the vision to develop the talents that many of the children already possessed. It had never been achieved before but he trained the first African Children’s Choir and then brought them to the US, Canada and the UK where they performed church concerts and thus raised funds to pay for their own education as well as thousands of other needy African children.
  • News from around the world

    News from around the world

    Friends In The West has been bringing News stories from around the world since 2014, through our websites at and Articles focus on stories from around the world where Christians are facing hardship and often displacement and sometimes martyrdom. Internet radio is an extension of this work.
  • Developing Partnerships

    Developing Partnerships

    Our approach is to work in partnership with local people on the ground. we don’t try to tell them what to do or do the work for them but rather come alongside them and give a hand up, not a hand out.

Our Genres Radio Programming

Personal Development

Positive programming to develop positive attitudes and actions.  Practical ways to enhance your health, both physically and mentally.  Keeping your goals on track. End procrastination and take action.

Economic Development

Entrepreneurship and business start-up training.   Creating the idea and watching it progress through the business plan stage to fruition.  Business principles and learning from entrepreneurs.

Spiritual Development

Bible teaching from Africa and around the world. Find and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Develop your Bible knowledge and prayer life.  Become an agent of God’s love and help bring peace and reconciliation to a world in conflict



From Africa to Northern Ireland and multiple locations in between. From first-time  singer/songwriters, to seasoned performers, we’ll be bringing a rich diversity of musical entertainment as well as the best in praise and worship for you to enjoy.


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